The Wonderful View Under the Sea

When you look at the vast sea, it seems as if there is no end. Just by looking at its magnificent beauty outside, you can feel relaxed. Have you ever thought of swimming under it just to see if you can also see a beautiful view under? It would be a great experience if you can see such a wonderful view of the sea by your own. Just be careful when you really plan to swim and look at the magnificent beauty of the creatures living under the sea. Let us begin to dive and view the different species of marine animals.

Angelfish. It’s a colorful fish which is commonly found under the Pacific Ocean. They are always seen on the reefs because it is where they live.

Clownfish. A small but beautiful and colorful fish! They are to be found under the oceans of Pacific and India.

Grouper. A very amazing kind of fish! Did you know that it has the ability to change its sex? It can be a male and a female. Awesome!

John Dory. It has an amazing way of making the predator confused. Wow! It’s an intelligent fish.

Lionfish. It’s a dangerous kind of fish because it can bring out venom and it’s their way to protect themselves from predators.

Sea Cow. It is similar to cows who feed on plants. They are very peaceful and friendly!

There are various kinds of creatures living under the sea. There are edible and inedible. Some are good-looking but others are monstrous-like. There are some sea creatures that could bring danger to humans. Be careful!


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