The Beauty of the Sea, Outside and Under it!

Everything that lies visible in front of our eyes has its own beauty. When you look at the nature, you can easily express how beautiful it is. While looking at the tall mountains, rivers, and seas, you cannot avoid to be amazed by its beauty. How about under the sea? Do you think it has its own beauty under it?

Have you ever imagined what are the creatures living under the sea? For sure, you know about a few or a number of creatures under the sea. But, how about those creatures that seems difficult to see since they are living beneath the sea? Do you think you will appreciate them?

There are various kinds of marine creatures. Believe! They are all wonderful and amazing! We can easily see the animals living on land. But, what about those tiny as well as giant creatures? Some people even think and believe that there are mermaids living under the sea.

Well, mermaids sounds amazing! Marine products are numerous. The catch of edible fishes is continuous. We get our food not only on land but also under the sea. It is one of the most important source of food. Every sea should be taken care of well by us, humans. We must not abuse our nature and also the sea so that its beauty will remain as it is.

Can you imagine your life without the sea? There are numerous numbers of creatures that lives under it. Those creatures are various kinds of fish as well as beautiful corals. If you want to experience under the sea, you can visit various giant aquariums around the world.

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