The 10 recommendations for divers to help protect the ocean

The divers are the ones who can see what is in the ocean. Many people do not have the opportunity to see what is in the ocean and they do not know what are the coral reefs really look like. It is because they did not grow up in the area where the ocean is located. But there are those who learn to dive so they could be able to go to places where they can dive and explore the ocean. They even go to other countries.

As they are the ones who will be with the ocean life inside, they can be able to see the living species inside but they can also be the source of destruction of the life that is already there. As divers will explore places they cannot avoid to touch and past plants and rocks and much more. Through these, they can cause disruption and destruction. Other ocean divers who are not responsible even take things from the ocean that are forbidden.

That is why the guide or recommendations above is a way to be a responsible ocean diver. If you will follow the recommendations you only not become a better person but also a commendable one who has the will and conscience to help protect and preserve the ocean that receives much destruction from other people. Other factors that destroy the ocean is an oil spill, pollution, and others. That is why we should be aware of what is happening around us.

Over fishing: The big threat to the coral reefs that must stop

One of the concerns about the sea is the damage being done by humans and also the activity they do. In other countries, they strictly implement rules and regulations so that all will be done well. By these, they can protect the sea that is near them or the one that is considered as their territory. But in some countries, it is very hard to have strict implementation and compliance and so harm is being done by many fishermen. Let us see about it.

The coral reefs are made a very long time and the marine life that it has has been decreasing due to human activities. Even if there are many species of fishes but their population lowered and many are also on the brink of being extinct. Becuase of what the humans do to be able to catch fish and have income or take food the life in the sea is disturbed. The very big problem is the practice of over fishing. Many people just want to take all they can have.

It should not be so that the sea can be able also to produce food for many. It should be taken care of and not exploited as if it would be destroyed then how can it hold life anymore. Poverty is already prevalent so we should not increase it. That is why the four recommendations are written with the illustration on the bottom page of the infographic above. It is good to follow them.

An in depth study about the health and productivity of the ocean

The ocean is very broad and it covers a very large area of the earth’s surface. The ocean that is not known to other people especially the ones who live only in the land and also in the desserts. But many know about it as they live near the sea and their livelihood is in the sea. That is why there are many concerns about it because the sea is a very good source of food for the people but there is a problem.

Because of the illegal fishing and other illegal activities that are the reason why there is a harm being done into the ocean. If you carefully read all you can know that many people depend on the ocean for livelihood and the fishes as a source of protein that is for the health of the body. The ocean is being invaded by the chemicals and many pollutants that are being used by humans that go to the ocean and that it destroy the life of the species.

Because people just exploited the environment so it causes problem to the whole world. As all are connected you cannot deny that something that is done in one area can affect the other side of the earth. That is why it is not just a local problem but it is a worldwide problem that could be or should be addressed in the present time so that they will make a future problem. The problem will pile up if not addressed.

The 10 easy things you can do to help protect our planet

The planet earth is what we have where we humans can live. There is no other place that is given to us where we can be able to have all the necessities we have for us to live doing what we know to do. Even if we explore the sky and the bottom of the sea but there is no place that can be an alternative for us to live in. Many people are trying to find another habitable place but they cannot find.

The planet earth is the only perfect place where everything is provided for life to be sustained. If you will know all the feature of the earth from its gravity to the size and the axis it has all is in a perfect position so that life can be nurtured. If one is altered then it is very dangerous. That is why the planet should be protected because if nothing is done to address the concerns then there can be a problem that would just become worst in the future.

As you have already read the ten things that you can do to help the planet earth then it is up to you if you will accept it or put it into practice. Even if this campaign goes continually if no one would be able to do it then it is just meaningless. So let us make the time that we spent knowing it is worthwhile by putting it into practice is a good citizen of the earth.

The 6 ways to participate in conserving the sea and coasts

The sea is full of wonderful things that were not yet discovered. We say wonderful things as a new discovery is considered a wonderful thing. Space is a very exciting thing to make discoveries compared to the sea of other people and many have been dedicating their life so they could discover something about it. We want to know if there are more places like this earth where the human can live if this earth would be destroyed. But let us also learn about the sea.

There is a very large percentage of the sea that is not yet explored by the people. If you compare it to space the sea discoveries are small. Even if there are not much that was discovered in space but we know much about it compared to the sea. The sea is very deep that you cannot even see the bottom of it. Even the pieces of equipment that are used today cannot be able to measure how deep is the sea.

But even if we do not know much, we know that the sea is being polluted and being destroyed. It is a source of food to many people but to others, it is just a sea. That is why they do not care about it. That is why awareness is being spread and that there should be an action so that a result could be seen. Now there are many organizations who promote awareness and also to take part in the mission.

The reasons why right whales are in endangered situation

If you are born near the ocean then you come to know also about the marine creatures that live and thrive there. If you are near the areas where they are many and you can see them then you are very lucky. Some places who are located near the sea can only see the water and no living species. Other areas can see the whales and sharks that most people especially the ones who were not born and raised near them to be afraid.

There are many interesting and good things in the sea that you should also understand and see. That is why many people go to aquariums where they can see different species that live in water and oceans. It is not every day that you can see many species and watch them as they swim. The big fishes like whales and sharks are often displayed in this aquariums as they are very interesting and beautiful to watch. The dolphins are also common to some aquariums.

But we should understand that despite the good news and beautiful things about them there is also the fact that many of them are being extinct and endangered. One of the species that are endangered is the right whale shark. You can read in the infographic the reasons listed why they are being extinct. Because they are slow to move so they can be caught easily. They are also killed because they are entangled and also because of pollution.

5 Ways to Protect and Save the Sea

We, humans, must not only mind ourselves. There are various things to consider and put in mind if we want to be safe always. We must protect our environment. How? There are various ways and activities that affect the environment. Like what? On land, deforestation gives harmful effects to the environment. Then, who should be blamed? Of course, only humans are to be blamed. What about the waters? We get our food not only on land but also under the waters. If we abuse the oceans, what do you think will happen? It would be a disastrous event! Then, how can we protect and save the sea especially the marine animals and all creatures living under it?

Be a Responsible Traveler. When you travel around the sea, make sure to use friendly ways. Never throw any plastics or harmful chemicals that can cause harm to sea creatures. If you travel using a boat or a cruise ship, make sure to be a responsible traveler. If you do, you can protect and save the waters and creatures under it.

Be updated about the Sea and Marine Animals. It’s good to be knowledgeable about the sea and marine animals or creatures. You can help maintain the beauty of the sea.

Be supportive to Organizations that protect the Waters. If you participate on helpful activities that protect the waters, you can gain more understanding about the importance of saving the waters and those that live under it.

Minimize the use of Plastics and Harmful Chemicals. If you cannot avoid to use plastics and chemicals, at least, minimize the use of it.

Do safe fishing.. If you go fishing, never use harmful ways like dynamite fishing.

Choosing between the sustainable fishes for food versus the endangered fishes

As time passes the number of the population also increase and that gives a time limit to the species that are considered as being near extinction because they are being caught to be food for the people. Their existence now becomes shorter as time passes if there is no action to be made to let them have a breathing space and repopulate. If we can understand the situation of the ocean and the fishes and its consumption then we can know how to help.

The infographic teaches about the fishes that are becoming extinct because of the illegal fishing. Even if there is a limit to the amount of catch to be made but it is not followed by fishermen and companies. As their goal is to have income and make a profit so they just ignore what is the consequences of what they are doing. That is why even if they are on the red alert they still catch them and sell to the fish industry and process it for consumption.

If they cannot stop then the choice is left to the consumers. If there are no consumers then demand would decrease and the time for the species in the red alert can have time to breathe. That is why choose the fishes that are sustainable as presented above as food to be consumed. As they can be cultured then they can be repopulated without a problem. You can be able to have a peace of mind while eating.

The Importance of Coral Reefs

What are coral reefs? The living creatures under the sea are very amazing and wonderful. Different kinds of marine animals and plants are found beneath the sea. And most of them are very attractive to the human eyes. Various colors and sizes of fish are found. There are bi-colored as well as multi-colored creatures. You might have already entered a giant aquarium. But, not all sea creatures can be seen there. Aside from the numerous and various kinds of fish, there are also various colorful reefs.

Coral reefs play a great role under the deep waters. Most corals are hard as a stone and tiny fishes reside on it. Coral reefs serves as a protector of tiny fishes from bigger predators.

Where do corals grow the best? They usually grow on waters that are warm, clear, and shallow. Some of the corals are also found on deep waters. Tiny creatures aside from fish lives on the coral reefs. That is why, we must protect the coral reefs. Many sea creatures depend on them. Just as we protect our own ecosystem, we also must protect these corals which is known as the ecosystem underwater.

If these corals are to be destroyed, then, humans shouldn’t expect to live peacefully. Why? In fact, it would be disastrous when that happens. They are so fragile and if not prevented, the sea and everything that lives under it will be on a catastrophe. Those who do fishing on the sea must not use destructive ways that will affect the coral reefs. It would be for our own benefit if we protect them.

Understanding the different effects of plastic we use in the seas

Plastic is very common for us to use in this times. As they were discovered they now form part of the big portion of wastes. Plastics thankfully can be recycled and thus many efforts are being made so that they could be collected and recycled. But not all plastics could be recycled. There are many who still lands in the landfills and also in the bodies of water. They are deposited into the sea and that causes pollution that is not good for all.

The information you learned is now very important not just for knowledge but for you to be able to help and take action. There are many inventions of people that made our life easier and comfortable but it also has its own disadvantages. Like the plastic that became a problem when it becomes very common and people do not feel responsible for what they are doing. There is a very big population of people who think that throwing garbage anywhere is not a bad thing to do.

That is why the problems that arise are not easy to solve because many people are not willing to help. They think it is the work of others and not their responsibility. That is why they just do what they like. Even garbage segregation is not practiced even if there is a drive for its implementation and a law has been already made. People find ways to escape the law and to even disobey the law unpunished.

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