Over fishing: The big threat to the coral reefs that must stop

One of the concerns about the sea is the damage being done by humans and also the activity they do. In other countries, they strictly implement rules and regulations so that all will be done well. By these, they can protect the sea that is near them or the one that is considered as their territory. But in some countries, it is very hard to have strict implementation and compliance and so harm is being done by many fishermen. Let us see about it.

The coralĀ reefs are made a very long time and the marine life that it has has been decreasing due to human activities. Even if there are many species of fishes but their population lowered and many are also on the brink of being extinct. Becuase of what the humans do to be able to catch fish and have income or take food the life in the sea is disturbed. The very big problem is the practice of over fishing. Many people just want to take all they can have.

It should not be so that the sea can be able also to produce food for many. It should be taken care of and not exploited as if it would be destroyed then how can it hold life anymore. Poverty is already prevalent so we should not increase it. That is why the four recommendations are written with the illustration on the bottom page of the infographic above. It is good to follow them.

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