An in depth study about the health and productivity of the ocean

The ocean is very broad and it covers a very large area of the earth’s surface. The ocean that is not known to other people especially the ones who live only in the land and also in the desserts. But many know about it as they live near the sea and their livelihood is in the sea. That is why there are many concerns about it because the sea is a very good source of food for the people but there is a problem.

Because of the illegal fishing and other illegal activities that are the reason why there is a harm being done into the ocean. If you carefully read all you can know that many people depend on the ocean for livelihood and the fishes as a source of protein that is for the health of the body. The ocean is being invaded by the chemicals and many pollutants that are being used by humans that go to the ocean and that it destroy the life of the species.

Because people just exploited the environment so it causes problem to the whole world. As all are connected you cannot deny that something that is done in one area can affect the other side of the earth. That is why it is not just a local problem but it is a worldwide problem that could be or should be addressed in the present time so that they will make a future problem. The problem will pile up if not addressed.

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