The 6 ways to participate in conserving the sea and coasts

The sea is full of wonderful things that were not yet discovered. We say wonderful things as a new discovery is considered a wonderful thing. Space is a very exciting thing to make discoveries compared to the sea of other people and many have been dedicating their life so they could discover something about it. We want to know if there are more places like this earth where the human can live if this earth would be destroyed. But let us also learn about the sea.

There is a very large percentage of the sea that is not yet explored by the people. If you compare it to space the sea discoveries are small. Even if there are not much that was discovered in space but we know much about it compared to the sea. The sea is very deep that you cannot even see the bottom of it. Even the pieces of equipment that are used today cannot be able to measure how deep is the sea.

But even if we do not know much, we know that the sea is being polluted and being destroyed. It is a source of food to many people but to others, it is just a sea. That is why they do not care about it. That is why awareness is being spread and that there should be an action so that a result could be seen. Now there are many organizations who promote awareness and also to take part in the mission.

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