The reasons why right whales are in endangered situation

If you are born near the ocean then you come to know also about the marine creatures that live and thrive there. If you are near the areas where they are many and you can see them then you are very lucky. Some places who are located near the sea can only see the water and no living species. Other areas can see the whales and sharks that most people especially the ones who were not born and raised near them to be afraid.

There are many interesting and good things in the sea that you should also understand and see. That is why many people go to aquariums where they can see different species that live in water and oceans. It is not every day that you can see many species and watch them as they swim. The big fishes like whales and sharks are often displayed in this aquariums as they are very interesting and beautiful to watch. The dolphins are also common to some aquariums.

But we should understand that despite the good news and beautiful things about them there is also the fact that many of them are being extinct and endangered. One of the species that are endangered is the right whale shark. You can read in the infographic the reasons listed why they are being extinct. Because they are slow to move so they can be caught easily. They are also killed because they are entangled and also because of pollution.

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