Choosing between the sustainable fishes for food versus the endangered fishes

As time passes the number of the population also increase and that gives a time limit to the species that are considered as being near extinction because they are being caught to be food for the people. Their existence now becomes shorter as time passes if there is no action to be made to let them have a breathing space and repopulate. If we can understand the situation of the ocean and the fishes and its consumption then we can know how to help.

The infographic teaches about the fishes that are becoming extinct because of the illegal fishing. Even if there is a limit to the amount of catch to be made but it is not followed by fishermen and companies. As their goal is to have income and make a profit so they just ignore what is the consequences of what they are doing. That is why even if they are on the red alert they still catch them and sell to the fish industry and process it for consumption.

If they cannot stop then the choice is left to the consumers. If there are no consumers then demand would decrease and the time for the species in the red alert can have time to breathe. That is why choose the fishes that are sustainable as presented above as food to be consumed. As they can be cultured then they can be repopulated without a problem. You can be able to have a peace of mind while eating.

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