The Importance of Coral Reefs

What are coral reefs? The living creatures under the sea are very amazing and wonderful. Different kinds of marine animals and plants are found beneath the sea. And most of them are very attractive to the human eyes. Various colors and sizes of fish are found. There are bi-colored as well as multi-colored creatures. You might have already entered a giant aquarium. But, not all sea creatures can be seen there. Aside from the numerous and various kinds of fish, there are also various colorful reefs.

Coral reefs play a great role under the deep waters. Most corals are hard as a stone and tiny fishes reside on it. Coral reefs serves as a protector of tiny fishes from bigger predators.

Where do corals grow the best? They usually grow on waters that are warm, clear, and shallow. Some of the corals are also found on deep waters. Tiny creatures aside from fish lives on the coral reefs. That is why, we must protect the coral reefs. Many sea creatures depend on them. Just as we protect our own ecosystem, we also must protect these corals which is known as the ecosystem underwater.

If these corals are to be destroyed, then, humans shouldn’t expect to live peacefully. Why? In fact, it would be disastrous when that happens. They are so fragile and if not prevented, the sea and everything that lives under it will be on a catastrophe. Those who do fishing on the sea must not use destructive ways that will affect the coral reefs. It would be for our own benefit if we protect them.

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