Understanding the different effects of plastic we use in the seas

Plastic is very common for us to use in this times. As they were discovered they now form part of the big portion of wastes. Plastics thankfully can be recycled and thus many efforts are being made so that they could be collected and recycled. But not all plastics could be recycled. There are many who still lands in the landfills and also in the bodies of water. They are deposited into the sea and that causes pollution that is not good for all.

The information you learned is now very important not just for knowledge but for you to be able to help and take action. There are many inventions of people that made our life easier and comfortable but it also has its own disadvantages. Like the plastic that became a problem when it becomes very common and people do not feel responsible for what they are doing. There is a very big population of people who think that throwing garbage anywhere is not a bad thing to do.

That is why the problems that arise are not easy to solve because many people are not willing to help. They think it is the work of others and not their responsibility. That is why they just do what they like. Even garbage segregation is not practiced even if there is a drive for its implementation and a law has been already made. People find ways to escape the law and to even disobey the law unpunished.

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